In the name of God

Ninja Arashi game is made in Vietnamese black panther studio. In this RPG game, we are a ninja who is called “Arashi”. Arashi is searching for a person who … . I don’t say the reason because I don’t want to keep the story spoil. In the continue, you can see a review of different elements of the game:

Graphic of the game is very eye-catching! Main character, ground, enemies and traps are black, but the beauty of the background is keeping the feeling of playing very good.

Sample of the game’s graphic

The game’s music is also almost better than other games of this range. It has a simple music which is suitable for the game. But if you play for much time, it will be repetitious. Sounds in the game are important for detecting traps before seeing them. This is a very good property in the game. I suggest that you play it using hands-free or headphone.

The game’s game-play is simple in its genre and style and everybody can communicate with the game. But at some places you need much focus and quick action to cross the trap or enemy. About hardness levels I should say first levels are VERY simple, but last levels are fairly hard.


In terms of price, the game is at a good level. Items’ prices are suitable and there is no coercion for in-app payments. But there is a point: There is no item to buy! You can only upgrade items not buy a new one. It can be negative or positive property.


The story of the game is not very bad, but the narration is stuff! Only before starting the game and after finishing it, we can see and hear a story.

You can write its story in 2 lines!!!

In terms of technique, the game has made fairly well. The only problem is lag when some phenomenon appears (e.g.Acid). This lag is nerve-racking.

  • The background is beautiful
  • There is no coercion for in-app payments
  • Simple game-play despite engaging the player
  • Hardness of levels is suitable
  • There is no ability for personalization

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